By Tracy DeBrincat

Troglodyte, by Tracy DeBrincat

ISBN: 978-1932418446

TROGLODYTE by Tracy DeBrincat is the winner of the 2012 Elixir Press Fiction Award. It is a collection of short stories that ranges from infancy to adulthood, from illness to love to Bigfoot.

"These stories, over and over, are smart, funny, deeply human, and teeming with vibrancy. If the collection had any more life to it, it'd walk right off the bookshelf."—Aimee Bender

"Tracy DeBrincat's extraordinary collection presents a myriad of narrators with an intensely engaging voice, all created by a writer who makes me want to pop out my front door and dive deeper into the private lives of people all around me. I am certain this is just the beginning of a stunning romance for fiction lovers everywhere."—Melissa Chadburn