Running the Voodoo Down
By Jim Mcgarrah

Running the Voodoo Down, by Jim McGarrah

ISBN: 0-9709342-8-9

RUNNING THE VOODOO DOWN by Jim McGarrah is one of the winners of the Elixir Press Third Annual Poetry Awards. This is "...a book of intense, highly crafted, and haunting poems in the voice of a wild man shouting the unflinching truth about the congested speedway of contemporary living he is roaring through"—Jack Myers

Jim McGarrah served in Vietnam with the United States Marine Corps and was wounded during the Tet Offensive of 1968. For the last three decades, he has worked as a janitor, a horse trainer, a hod carrier, a social worker, and a mailman. He currently teaches creative writing at the University of Southern Indiana and walks his dogs. His work has appeared in such publications as Connecticut Review, North American Review, and Southern Indiana Review.