Murder Ballads
By Jake York

Murder Ballads, by Jake Adam York

ISBN: 9781932418156

Winner of the Fifth Annual Elixir Press Poetry Awards, judged by Jane Satterfield.  "Rather than introspection, sensationalism, or mere entertainment, remembering becomes an act of engagement, one that propels the poet toward a fierce intellectual and moral reckoning. And we in turn are held rapt by the lyric enactments of this poet who takes dangerous materials into his hands; who stubbornly pulls at the poisonous sumac obscuring a furnace's ruins; who probes old wound, transfiguring them into new patterns. MURDER BALLADS is wondrous and essential reading, a compelling debut" —Jane Satterfield

Jake Adam York was the author of MURDER BALLADS (Elixir Press, 2005) and A Murmuration of Starlings (Southern Illinois University Press, 2008). An associate professor at the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center, York edited Copper Nickel with his students.