Monster Zero
By Jay Snodgrass

Monster Zero, by Jay Snodgrass

ISBN: 0-9709342-6-2

Jay Snodgrass was born in Florida, and grew up on Yokota Air Base in Japan. He received his MFA from Florida International University in 2002. He lives with his wife, Kristine, in Miami, Florida.

"If you doubt the holy combination of Hollywood camp and absolutely credible lyricism, read these poems. In his wonderful first collection, Monster Zero, Jay Snodgrass endows emptiness with a shape. This bold, confident, and original book is the poetic equivalent of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein."—Tracy Philpot, Judge, 2002 Elixir Press Poetry Awards

"In these monster-out-of-water tales, a young American, growing up an Army brat in Japan, develops a relationship with a slimy green creature that helps him to come to grips with Hiroshima, Oppenheimer, and his family. Jay Snodgrass's Monster Zero is a touching funhouse of a book in which pop culture mirrors pop psychology, in which God mirrors Godzilla." —Denise Duhamel