20th Annual Poetry Awards

Elixir Press is sponsoring a poetry contest open to all poets writing in English. There will be one prize of $2,000. The winning manuscript will be published by Elixir Press.  All entries will be considered for publication.  Liz Robbins will make the final decision. The editors will make the final decision for any other manuscripts chosen for publication.

    •    Manuscripts should be typed on one side of the page and on standard paper.  No more than one poem per page.
    •    Send a business size SASE for reply only; manuscripts cannot be returned. An SAS postcard for receipt of manuscript is optional. Electronic submissions are acknowledged by an automated e-mail, but some submitters find this e-mail is caught by their spam/bulk filters. You may check the status of your own submission through the online submission manager. Replies to electronic submissions will be made by e-mail.
    •    Please use a 12 to 14 point font.
    •    Do not send the only copy of your manuscript.
    •    Do not send biographical material, photographs, CDs, videos, or illustrations.
    •    Enclose a cover sheet stating the name of the manuscript and the author's name,address, and telephone number and a cover sheet with the title alone. if submitting electronically, your manuscript file should not contain any identifying information.
    •    Manuscripts must be paginated and include a table of contents.
    •    Simultaneous submissions are welcome, so long as Elixir is notified immediately if a manuscript is accepted elsewhere.
    •    Manuscripts must be at least 48 pages in length.
    •    Please secure your manuscript with either a binder clip or file folder.  Do not otherwise bind your manuscript.
    •    Close friends, students, and former students of the final judges or editors of Elixir Press are ineligible for all contests.

The entry fee is $30.

Manuscripts will be accepted from August 1 to October 31, 2019.

Submit entries to:
Annual Poetry Award
Elixir Press
P. O. Box 27029
Denver, CO80227                    

If you have questions, please contact us at info@elixirpress.com.

For electronic submissions, please use this link: Submit to Elixir Press

Dana Curtis