Circassian Girl
By Michelle Mitchell-Foust

Circassian Girl, by Michelle Mitchell-Foust

ISBN: 0-9709342-2-X

Michelle Mitchell-Foust lives in Dana Point, California, and teaches at Irvine Valley College. She received her B.A. in English from Eastern Illinois University, and earned her Master's degree and Doctorate in English from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Her work has appeared in The Nation, Colorado Review, The Denver Quarterly, Columbia Magazine of Literature and Art, American Literary Review, Quarterly West, and The Academy of American Poets New Voices Anthology, among other small magazines and anthologies.

"In Circassian Girl, Michelle Mitchell-Foust avows just how it is that miracles shelter in mishap, that enormity makes its home among the small and in small syllables. Here is a beautifully sustained advocacy of tender perils, a high-wire act of perfect words. These poems dazzle me." —Donald Revell