2015 Antivenom Poetry Award





The winner is: Sure Extinction by John Estes, Canton, OH

Chosen by Nicholas Samaras



           Tall As You Are Tall Between Them by Annie Christain, Cobleskill, NY

           Recovery Act by Jenny Mueller, St. Louis, MO

          Slippage by Christopher Munde, Jamestown, NY

           Out Of the World by Kristine Snodgrass, Tallahassee, FL

          somebody, maybe by S.A. Stepanek, Hubbard, OR


Announcing the Winners of the 15th Annual Elixir Press Poetry Awards

Judge’s Prize, chosen by Sarah Kennedy,

               Prayer Book of the Anxious  by Josephine Yu of Tallahassee, FL

           Editor's Prize,

             Flammable Matter  by Jacob Victorine, Chicago, IL


    Of Dust by Andrew Grace, Gambier, OH       

   Deuce  by Patti Seyburn, Newport Beach, CA

   Get Lost or Martha Zweig, Hardwick, VT


Announcing the Winner of the 2014 Antivenom Poetry Award


The winner is: flicker by Lisa Bickmore, West Jordan, UT

Chosen by George Kalamaras



          Pink Heaven by Tina Barr, Black Mountain, NC

           Stop Motion Still Life by John Estes, Canton, OH     

            Brake Is for Broken by Ezra Feldman, Ithaca, NY

            Shrinola by Kevin King, Brentwood, NH

            Last Beastiary by Mark McKain, Altamonte Springs, FL

          Slippage by Christopher Munde, Jamestown, NY

          Cyclorama by Daneen Wardrop, Kalamazoo, MI

          The Night People Imagine by Lawrence Wray, Pittsburgh, PA

Fiction Award Winner Announced

Elixir is pleased to announce The Loss of All Lost Things  by Amina Gautier of Chicago, IL as the contest winner.  The short story collection will receive a $2500 prize as well as publication by Elixir Press.


Three finalists were also selected:


Out of Which Came Nothing by Laurie Blauer of Seattle, WA

The Evolution of Love by Lucy Jane Bledsoe of Berkeley, CA

The Killer’s Dog by Gary Fincke of Selinsgrove, PA


14th Annual Poetry Prize Winners

Elixer Press is pleased to announce the winners of its 14th Annual Poetry Contest. Congratulations to the winners and finalists, and thank you to everyone who submitted as well as to our Judge this year, Bruce Bond.

Judge’s Prize
Freaked  by Liz Robbins, St. Augustine, FL
chosen by Bruce Bond

Editor's Prize
Looming  by Jennifer Franklin, New York, NY

Stop Motion Still Life by John Estes, Canton, OH
Deuce  by Patti Seyburn, Newport Beach, CA
Get Lost by Martha Zweig, Hardwick, VT